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Lognaitang Hot Spring Bathhouse
Lognaitang Hot Spring Bathhouse北投瀧乃湯溫泉皇太子殿下御渡涉紀念碑
Lognaitang, standing at 244 Guangming Rd., is one of the oldest bathhouses in Beitau. The bathhouse is a building with simple nature style, and it has a home-like atmosphere. It has two pools which make men and women separated. The cost is quite delightful and attractive to local people, regular customers and mountain climbers.

In Longnaitang』s yard, there is an unique historic relic called 『His Imperial Highness Crown Prince of Japan Crossed River Memorial Tablet』. In 1913, Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito (裕仁) visited Taiwan when he was the Regent of Japan. During his short tour in Beitau, Hirohito loved hot springs especially. After he visited Beitau Hot Spring Bath, he came to Beitau Stream and stepped on a stone in the stream to have a better sight. To memorial of Hirohito』s visit to Beitau, people preserved the stone he stepped on once. The stone has already disappeared during the disorder old times. However, the tablet in Longnaitang has been still telling the legend over and over again.

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